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There are 5 components of fitness :

Muscular strenght, muscular endurance, muscular flexibility, cardiovaluscar fitness, motor skills.
Resistance training, cardiovascular training and stretching form a session. 

  • The benefits of resistance training:
- enhance posture,
- improve balance and coordination, 
- increase muscle size,
- improve joint stability,
- improve mood,
- improve circulation,
- improve neuromuscular pathways,
- maintenance of bone density, 
- activities of daily living become easier,
- improve sports performance,
- help for weight loss,
- increase self esteem,
- stress alleviation,
- reduce risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and athritis.
  • The benefits of Cardio training: 
- help for weight loss,
- burns calories,
- relieves stress,
- increase basal metabolic rate,
- reduce risk of heart diseases,
- increase stroke volume,
- improves sports performance,
- improve cardiac muscle,
- lowers blood pressure,
- increase endurance. 
  • The benefits of stretching:
- reduces muscles soreness,
- lenghtens muscles,
- helps muscles fibres,
- enhances posture,
- decrease risk of injury,
- relaxation,
- improves blood circulation,
- relieves muscles tension.


Nutrition takes a main part in fitness : more than 70% in the program to achieve your goal. 
Compared to many diets showed in different advertisements, my nutrition advices will not  make you stop eating during your daily routine. It will be adapted to your needs by having a daily intake of the macronutrients, essentials for us. 
I will show you my "freestyle foods" method I created with a great friend and an excellent personal trainer David Marshall where you can enjoy and have fun in cooking your meals ending up being delicious.

Remember you don't have to be a great chef, just a healthy chef.

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