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As a Personal Trainer, I will guide you through a timeframe to achieve your goals. 
I deliever mobile PT sessions, here are my packages: 


[ Get fit  ]

You want to refine your silhouette, get fit to feel good in your body. My goal is to give your confidence and stay in shape to avoid relapsing in the future.
On a timeframe planned to lose weight with exercises and a nutrition plan to lose fat. Sessions according to your availabilities

One hour session at your home during 8 to16 weeks, according to the goal.(50€/session) 

[ Rise up ]

On a timeframe programmed with exercises and nutrition advices, morning sessions for people with a busy schedule with work and/or stressing job.

45 minutes sessions at your home for 8 to 12 weeks time(45€ / session) 

[ Gain muscle mass ]

You want to increase your muscle mass, get strong therefore avoid injuries, this is an intense program with exercises and a nutrition plan specific to you. 

One hour session for 6, 8 or 12 weeks. (50€ / session)

[ Special Event Program ]

  • Pre ski holidays program
  • Pre summer holidays program
  • Get in your wedding costume
  • Post Xmas festivities
  • Mud Day, marathon, peak of a mountain, pre-season physical preparation for a sport performance, or any other goal

Specific Sessions (50€ / session) 

Wellness for everyone ]

  • Fitness for older adults
  • Postural retraining
  • Post injury fitness
  • Fitness during/after pregnancy 

Specific Sessions (55€ / sessions*) 

[ Get Together ]

Come with your friend(s) to get fit and have fun
Partner session (2 persons)
Group session (4 persons maximum)

At your house or outside one time by week, for a time of 4/8 weeks (20€ /Per person for group of 4 and 25#/Per person for group of 2) 

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